Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Going crazy..

Well not much going on other than spotting spotting and more spotting. It is really messing with my head and emotions. Sometimes I wait to go to the bathroom, what I don’t see is better for me, right?!? I called the dr and he still says as long as it is just a little pink when I wipe nothing to be concerned about. Bull shit I say. The spotting isn’t constant, it shows up at night and usually sticks around for a few bathroom visits, then it’s gone again. The next day I’ll be feeling good again, no spotting, just to get home that evening and wham.. effing spotting. Last night I was sick to my stomach – not from cramping or anything, just from being worried. And I know, I have read everything under the sun that says Spotting, while isn’t normal, is present in MANY first trimester pregnancy’s. Well, how are you supposed to know the difference in spotting that is no problem and a problem? And the people telling me “quit worrying, that will make it worse” okay, I would like to punch them… watch out.. I’m in a mood… haha…

Another thing that has just ruined my day - I went to get my hair trimmed - now I have LONG hair - all one length. My haircut gone bad - I now have SHORT SHORT SHORT hair - not even touching my neck with very SHORT layers all over my head. I actually cried when I seen it while I was still in the chair (emotional, maybe) ?


jp said...

Sorry to hear the spotting has been ongoing. I can imagine the continuous stress of dealing with that. I am sending you prayers and good thoughts.
I also know what you mean about the haircut that can make you cry (even when not hormonal!). I am a naturally curly girl and if not handled with great care I am an instant q-tip.

Denise said...

Will the doc let you come in for a mercy ultrasound? I know that they have to draw the line somewhere, but if you are making yourself sick with worry...I'm just sayin.

Maria said...

It's okay to worry and definitely ignore the people who say otherwise. I would really ask your dr to let you come in for an u/s.

So sorry about your haircut, that's always such a bummer.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you.

Stephanie said...

I'm sorry you're having such anxiety about the spotting. I'd feel the same way. It's sad that the "relax" crowd doesn't go away, even with pregnancy.

I hope it lets up soon. Good luck

Your new hair style sounds cute. It's always hard to make a dramatic change.

Rebecca said...

I love how the websites say that spotting isn't "normal," but that it does occur in many pregnancies. Well, doesn't that make it somewhat normal then? Worrying is normal...don't beat yourself up over it. It's part of being in the IF game...see if you can get in sooner for a look!