Sunday, February 24, 2008


I’ve been bad on posting, good news though, I haven’t had any spotting since Tuesday. I've been spending so much time reading all my new books "what to expect when you are expecting" and "week by week, your pregnancy". I took the weekend to just relax and lay around, work has been so busy and all the worrying I’m sure hasn’t been good for me or the baby. I took my LAST progesterone pill tonight and my next u/s is Saturday. I know it’s going to be another long, slow week waiting for the weekend.

Today started my morning sickness - I have been nauseous all day long and my jeans are already too tight to wear. My sister stopped by Friday on her way from Florida to NY - she gave me some jeans that are a couple sizes larger than my norm, I thought to myself "I won't be wearing these for a while"..well, I tried them on yesterday - they fit and are a little snug! I say they are made small :)...other symptoms, VERY tired! I am so tired all the time and I am out everynight by 9 at the latest. Boobs are extremely sore and full, heartburn and headaches. I'm feeling pretty lucky though, I've heard some nightmare stories on the sickness, so far I haven't had anything to bad.

Saturday marked 7 weeks. Five more weeks to the big 12 week mark! Amazing how it took 10 years and four loses to get to this point. Saturday for some reason started a day of true happiness. I know things can still happen, but I feel like this is going to be okay and I'm going to carry this baby to term. I'm not sure what happened, but a sense of love and happiness took over and my guard went down as well as my constant fear of loss. The fear is of course still here- and I can't wait till my next u/s just to see for myself that things are ok, although letting down my guard a little and trying to think positive does feel good.


Maria said...

I'm so glad to hear that all is well.

~Carrie said...

Yay! 7 weeks and no more spotting. Sorry to hear about your nausea, but that's always a good sign. I hear you on the tiredness - I'm almost always passed out by 9pm too. And lucky you - you get to stop the extra progesterone! It's great that you are starting to relax and feel happier and less worried about things.

BTW, I read about your hair in the other post. I would be just as upset, and I had that happen to me before!! I had even brought in a picture of what I wanted - which was basically a shoulder length bob (not layered!) and she cut it way above my shoulders and layered it to death!!! I was VERY upset and cried. I refuse to go to anyone now except my current hairdresser because she actually listens!

Duck said...

Great to hear that your feeling awful, only because it means that your pregnant.

Denise said...

So glad to hear the spotting has stopped. Enjoy your morning sickness! Too bad pregnancy symptoms don't include feeling great and having lots of energy. Wouldn't that be awesome?

Stephanie said...

So happy the spotting has let up, hope the morning sickness is brief.

I'm glad that you are feeling more at peace now too. :)