Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Chicken Shit..

Yep, that's me. Tonight I was going to try and give myself the PIO shot.... didn't happen. I got all the main ingredients together - needles, alcohol, drugs - you know, all the good stuff. After filling the syringe I went to the back bedroom. First try - sitting on the dresser in front of large mirror. Nope, not enough top space to cross legs without falling off flat on my face. Strike One. Moved to bed, headboard has a mirror. Put pillows up, laid down, and crossed a leg with ass towards mirror. Strike Two. Couldn't do it. Moved onto full length mirror. Stood there in front of it, at this point had DH make a big circle for me - I couldn't do it! I could not see myself sticking that needle into me!!! With DH doing it, I don't have to see it. So, I ended up yelling to DH to come do it. Strike three! I have three more nights to try before I go out of town and have to. I didn't think it would be this hard. I'm a chicken shit, that is all there is to it. I know once I'm alone and HAVE to do it, I'm going to. I just wish I could now before I get into that predicament of HAVING to do it. Arggg..

Other than that, I am having an uneventful week. Just working a LOT of hours and trying to catch up from being out during all the appointments. My next appointment is going to be here before I know it!


Denise said...

If worse comes to worse, can you check with your clinic to see if they can recommend a visiting nurse where you will be? I know our clinic recommends one in town at least that you can pay to come administer shots. I think it can be pricey, but maybe worth it if you're really freaked out about it.

Otherwise, I say forget about trying to practice and just try not to think about it until you get there and have to do it. No help getting yourself all worked up about it.

Azalea Baby said...

I agree w/ Denise. Try to find a nurse there to give it to you. I don't think I could give myself the shot either, really. I've heard that some pharmacy's will give shots (free if you get the meds there), but they may would do it for a couple of dollars if you didn't get them there. Good Luck...