Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Well the week as I guessed it would is going by very SLOW. I quit taking my progesterone pills but now feel like my symptoms have decreased 90%. I always thought the progesterone was what made me feel so bloated and irritable. Well it must have been because I feel like I’m deflating and my irritation level has decreased a lot. Also, my boobs don’t hurt as much. All this is scary too, I do realize that losing pregnancy symptoms can be a bad thing – but I’m not allowing myself to think that route, just thinking it was the progesterone and now that I’ve stopped it my body is acting like a normal pregnant chick (wouldn’t that be nice – NORMAL and pregnant don’t go together for me). Oh yeah - I haven't really had any more sickness either - just one bad day. Hopefully I'll get lucky and not have any - although, the more symtoms I have, the better I feel (mentally).

Well I had to drop my fur baby off at the vet this morning to get neutered. I know they do thousands everyday – but still I was so nervous about it last night that I slept on the couch with the dog! How sad is that. Then this morning I got the extra pain meds, extra blood work and of course the IV for while he is under. Can’t wait to see the bill when I pick him up.

Also last night – while watching American Idol with my dog on my lap, I cried over a boy singing. OK – this is getting bad when I cry over someone singing. Glad DH is out of town, he would have thought I lost my mind – not to mention that he would have made fun of me for sleeping on the couch and not being able to sleep cuz I was afraid I was going to drop my dog off in the morning and he would never wake up. If how I treat my dogs are any indication on how my kids will be, I will have spoiled brat kids that everyone talks about ;).

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Maria said...

Progesterone is the devil hormone for me. It makes me a crazy insomniac and I always feel like crap. I'm glad you get to stop.

I don't think you're crazy for worrying about your dog. I feel the same way about mine, whenever he has to go under, it really freaks me out.