Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Just another day..

I feel like I went from going to appointments every day to nothing. Now it's just the nightly shots.. I don't go back until Saturday for my first Ultrasound/Blood work to see how I'm responding to the Stims. So...what to do until then.... one thing is good, I'm catching up on all my work even though it's so hard to concentrate on work. I feel like my whole life is consumed right now in either being excited and happy or worried and anxiously waiting for my next appointment.

DH and I will have been married TEN years next week. And if all goes well, we will extracting the egg(ssssss) either the day before or the day of our anniversary! How cool is that! I always said we would have kids on our 10 year anniversary, little did I know that I would be almost exact ;).

Another grip I have about this whole process, we have a good marriage...yes we have the usual stupid fights just like anyone else and we have worked hard on our marriage, but since October when we started this whole process, we are so stressed, worried, nervous, happy...all these feelings and we can't deal with each other. We fight over the craziest things. Sure the fights only last maybe 5 mins, but we both blow up over nothing. I feel bad because I truly know I am crazy right now ;)... he can't do ANYTHING right, but then again, he is a little off too ;). Anywhoo.... I guess it's all part of the fun we get to go through. Thank god I came to work gets my mind off things, but then again, access to the internet isn't good either.

Which leads me to another thing, the internet. I am not researching anything else on the internet. It makes me worry over things that are not my situation. FSH levels, I worried for weeks over my FSH level from reading other websites. Fibroids - gosh, I would have thought I could never carry a baby from some of the stuff I read (of course, the bad stuff is what was sticking in my brain). Now it's IVF protocols. I am OBSESSED with reading others protocols. I'm on the short protocol, no lupron because of my FSH level and poor reserve. From what I have read so far... this is not a protocol that I see often on clinic sites, so of course it's not going to work (in my head). I am officially announcing, no more reading for me. I am a Google Addict and I need help! ;)! I will only go to blogs...reading REAL life experiences - which is much more therapeutic than reading some study on the internet anyway..


Azalea Baby said...

OMG, i know what you mean about being addicted to google! it can be maddening. oh yes, the internet at work - makes for poor work habits. Congrats! on the 10 years.

Duck said...

I google EVERYTHING!! So I here ya! I'm scheduled for an ER on our anniversary too!! I'm hoping it will bring us all some special luck. Congrats on the 10 years!

Rebecca said...

Yeah...the internet can be horrible, but the blogs do help. Congratulations on your anniversary!

Maria said...

LOL, I'm such a googling nut! Congrats on the ten years! That's wonderful!