Saturday, January 12, 2008

Follie Check

I went this morning for my first u/s & bw after 5 days of stimming on Menopur... the dr. said good for me being a low/poor responder but I'm not sure. Only 3 follies in each ovary, ES 370 and LH 1.3. Honestly, I have NO clue what any of this means, and even though I swore off never googling again, I've been on google for the last THREE hours! The only thing I have done is waste three hours of my life.... so I'm going back to what RE said in the first place.. Not Great, Not Bad ... it's GOOD. And he told me I needed to start thinking positive thoughts and get excited. Of course I'm excited...but I am worried too.

So next week I go Monday for u/s & b/w - depending on how things go he said I would trigger on Wednesday and er on Fri. I have to think he knows best even though I think 6 total follicles is not enough...but it's QUALITY not QUANTITY, right? The orginial plan was to trigger tonight, but now I'm stimming for a couple more days... I'm hoping for more follicles on Monday (can I even get more in two day?).. Unfortunately, no er on our Anniversary, but we won't have to travel the 2 and a half hours to the clinic for our 10 year so maybe we can do someone fun.

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