Saturday, January 5, 2008

Important dates...

Inital Consut: Oct 4th
HSG: Oct 25th
IVF Consult: Nov 27th
Family Phs: Nov 30th- quit Zoloft
Quit Smoking: Dev 10th
IVF Appointment: Dec 11th: Testing, sperm, fsh, estrogen, ultrasound.
Once we got to ultrasound, got bad newz - either double uterus or fibroid
IVF: Dev 17th, called to get results. Good news, HSG looks normal, will need to come back for Sono to check issue with uterus. Bad News, FSH Level is too high, 10.1. Make appointment for week of Jan 3rd.

OK - between Dec 17th and Jan 3 is the LONGEST, Most excruciating wait of my freaking life!! Just FYI :)

IVF: Jan 4th ... GOT the GO Ahead. Previous post has ALL the details :)... I've never been sooooo happy in my life. Scared too though, I know the odds of this working the first time, but I have hope! I pray it works! PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEE work!!!

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