Monday, August 11, 2008

30 week check up

For my 30 week check up I had to get two tests – Gestational Diabetes and test for my RH negative factor. My bad news – my levels came back so high after the GD first test they called and told me to skip the three hour test and go straight to the Diabetes Management Center. I have GD and needed to get in there to start my new management diet. I’ve now been tracking my blood sugar and have changed my diet for 5 days, and I can’t seem to get it under control. One day my levels are good all day long, the next they are high all day and I am eating what I’m supposed to be eating in this “carb counting” diet they have me on. I hope I can get this figured out by diet and don’t have to get insulin shots, I have to go back on day 7 to go over my log with the diabetes center.

What scares me about GD – the complications I read. I have learned to quit reading google during this whole procedure, I was addicted during IVF and I have done pretty good to stay away from looking up every symptom..and I read over and over that severe complications are rare with GD, it still scares me. I made it this far with no problems, I just hope everything goes well. I am trying to hard to do everything I am supposed to with this GD for the baby. I hope the dr. and I can figure this out.

Good news – I haven’t created antibodies due to the RH negative factor, so I just need to get a shot of Rhogam in my arse next appointment. I was afraid I had the antibodies from my previous ectopics – but looks like the drs all gave me the shot in time, or the babies were negative also!

I’m now at my 31 week mark.. the countdown is on! 6 more weeks and I’m officially FULL TERM.


Rebecca said...

I tested positive for GD levels were only slightly higher than the norms though...sounds like you're having a little more trouble. Just remember that no matter what you do, it's all up to the hormones...that is what causes frustrating b/c you think that you're doing all you can, but then it just gets messed up again. You will get through this and if it continues to be out of control, they can put you on meds too. Good luck and that's right! 6 more week!!!

Denise said...

Yay for 6 more weeks! You are starting to get close now.

Sorry about the GD. I hope they are able to help you get it under control.