Monday, July 21, 2008

28 weeks and counting..

I have been a bad blogger since my BFP 28 weeks ago...time is flying now. I had my baby shower last month. I remember attending baby shower after baby shower always wondering if I would ever have one. I think most people just take for granted that they will get preg and have one. I dreamed of having a baby shower for many years, and to have one for me is just so surreal. It is a day I will cherish and remember for the rest of my life. I got EVERYTHING at the shower and have been spending many nights washing all the clothes and putting things away. We've also been working many nights on the babys room. I didn't want a "theme" room but I wanted the room just perfect. I spent many nights searching for the perfect bedding set, border, paint, furniture etc., we finally have everything and have been working hard on it. Every night I stop and stare at the room. If I'm not just staring in the doorway I'm in the room just touching things, staring at the crib, checking out his clothes. Everything still seems to be a dream even though I'm larger than ever and feel him kicking daily.

As far as pregnancy goes I really don't have many complaints. My back KILLS and my feet swell all the time, but other than that, it's been a good pregnancy. I am sick of people though, I am soo sick of hearing "are you sure your not having twins", and "your due when! OMG you are big"... and the many other remarks that I have gotten. I don't remember ever saying that to a pregnant woman, and I can't understand sometimes why these people don't think anything about saying it. At the same time, I really don't care because no matter how big I get, I'm carrying my dream and a little boy that I already love more than anything.

The thought of being in my last trimester is a feeling I can't explain, but I'm so grateful for being here!!


Denise said...

It's just amazing the things people will say to you (and do). I'm still waiting for that random person to come up and rub my belly without asking. I might have to punch them in the face!

Are you going to post pictures of the baby's room?

Rebecca said...

People suck...that's why I don't talk to anyone! Just kidding...they just don't think! Thanks for your comments on my blog...every little bit helps. I stand at the door to my babies' room too and just look at where they're going to exciting (and completely scary too)! Take care!

Maria said...

You sound like you're doing really well!! Your shower sounds like a great success.

Ugh, seriously, what is wrong with people!?!!